Fraud Prevention Tips

Fraudsters are clever people who obtain money (or goods) by deceiving genuine people, like you, out of your money. Don’t be fooled by their schemes.

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Vishing or Cold Calls

Fraudsters call pretending to be from your bank or another firm you may do business with. If you are not expecting the call, be very wary.

Common themes are:
  • You have a valid insurance claim
  • There is a problem with your computer that the caller can fix
  • Your account is at risk and funds need to be transferred to a new account
  • You are due a refund e.g. PPI claims or overpayments on your mortgage
  • Fraudulent transactions on your account

Fraudsters request your bank account and/or card details to deal with the matter or request you purchase vouchers in exchange for the cash owed. Once provided, fraudsters use your details to access your account or perform transactions.
Often, to convince you they are genuine, the caller suggests you hang up and call back on the firm’s usual number. However, fraudsters don’t disconnect the line so when you call the real number you are still speaking to them.

If you receive a suspicious call, end it, wait at least two minutes before picking up and dialling again (or use a different phone). NEVER provide any personal or account details.


Phishing emails are similar to cold calls where fraudsters contact you by email pretending to be a particular company, bank or person. If you are not expecting the email, be very wary.

Emails state that you:

  • Have a problem on your account
  • Need to confirm your login details
  • Need to provide your card / account details or personal information.

Emails contain links which you are asked to click but it is bogus. NEVER click on embedded links in emails. If it is allegedly from a company you use and you have doubts, call the company concerned to verify the email.

Identify phishing emails easily:

  • they may address you in vague terms, e.g. ‘Dear Valued Customer'
  • odd ‘spe11ings’ or ‘cApitALs in the ‘subject’ box with spelling or grammatical errors in the email
  • hold your cursor over the hyperlink - destination websites shown will not be genuine.

Investment Fraud

Criminals contact you offering investment opportunities with great financial returns (e.g. purchase of shares, diamonds or gold) and you are coerced into parting with your money. REMEMBER - if deals sound too good to be true, they probably are.

To take advantage of the deals, fraudsters request upfront sums of money, often to secure the deal before ‘deadlines’ approach. Once fraudsters have your money, investments are ‘delayed’ or they ask for more money on numerous occasions.


Firms will never contact you to ask for passwords or other sensitive information and will NEVER ask you to disclose account or card details, to authorise transfers of funds, or send someone to your home to collect cash, bank cards or anything else.

Concerned you may have been targeted by fraudsters? Please contact your bank or building society immediately. Also contact Action Fraud on 0300 123 2040 (textphone 0300 123 2050) to either report an incident or for advice.

Craig Bright

Craig Bright

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